Bike Maintainance Services

Maintainence Services

Your bike should never be a problem


To optimize the operation of your bike over time, we recommend that you have it checked regularly by a professional mechanic. Our store has the expertise, training and equipment to take care of all your maintenance needs. 


Your maintenance needs may vary depending on the recommended service intervals for your bike and your usage.


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Discover our range of Services

Service Level 1

74,99 €*

Everything is tightened, aligned and adjusted.

We’ll adjust your brakes, set up and tune your shifting system, and make sure all fasteners are tightened to manufacturer specifications.

  • Brake alignment and adjustment
  • Gear shift alignment and adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Bottom Bracket Inspection

Service Level 2

139,99 €*

Everything is cleaned, stretched, aligned and adjusted.

After washing the bike and thoroughly cleaning the transmission, we will center the wheels and adjust their tension, adjust the brakes, configure and lubricate the shifting system to perfection.


Includes everything from level 1 plus:

  • Dismantling and thorough cleaning of all transmission components
  • Lateral and vertical runout of the wheels

Service Level 3

from 249,99 €*

Recommended every 50 hours

Extensive disassembly/reassembly is performed, ensuring efficient bike operation and extending component life. Your bike will ride like new thanks to a thorough cleaning and complete overhaul of all components, including bearings.


Prices vary for road, mountain and full suspension bikes.

* Spare parts are not included in the price of the service package.

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